Environmental Pollution by Cars

Environmental Pollution by Cars

Environmental pollution has been a hot topic in many forums. Today, the effects of environmental pollution are being felt all over the world. Global warming is now evident with the melting of the ice caps on Everest and the North Pole. The seas have also been rising and at a growing pace. Some animals in the world are faced with extinction if nothing is done. There is imminent danger of extinction for all life on earth if no efforts are made towards curbing pollution.


Environmental Pollution by Cars

Cars contribute to a great proportion of the pollution that we are experiencing today. As more and more people work hard towards owning their vehicles, pollution keeps growing. Pollution from cars comes through the emission of Carbon dioxide into the environment which is the leading contributor to global warming. It estimated that the US alone pumps several billion tons of pollution per year through the transport industry. With such heavy pollution, the earth is doomed in just a few years if no efforts are taken to curb pollutions. Below are several measures that can be taken to reduce the rate of environmental pollution by cars:


Electric Cars

When fuel burns, it produces Carbon dioxide which is the number one polluter. By changing the fuel, man will have done away with this type of pollution. This has been done, and today, there are a number of electric powered vehicles. The good thing about electricity is that it is a clean and renewable source of energy. This is one of the surest ways to deal with car pollution.


carCar-Free Days

The one problem however that faces the use of electric cars is that they are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. As such, it might take some time to face out the fossil-based fuel powered cars. This doesn’t, however, mean that people should sit around while waiting for these cars to become affordable. Some countries have enforced a law for car-free days. What this means is that on those days, people have to rely strictly on public transport. Since most vehicles that pollute the environment are the private ones, leaving them at home on certain days of the week will help curb pollution.


Accepted CO2 Emission Rates

Some countries have laws on acceptable carbon emissions for any vehicle. All vehicles that exceed these limits have been outlawed in those countries. This is another way of regulating the rate at which the environment is polluted. By complying to these rules, pollution can be greatly reduced.

The above are just a few ways of mitigating environmental pollution by cars. There are so many different ways that anyone can use to stop pollution. The greatest decision, however, lies with individuals’ changed behavior. One can, for instance, decide that they will not use cars for distances less than ten kilometers. Instead, they can decide to either walk or use a bike which is by far healthier as compared to driving. The personal effort will go a long way in curbing vehicle pollution.