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Six Reasons to Drive Electric

What is an electric car? It is an auto that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. The autos run on a rechargeable battery instead of an internal combustion engine. Electric cars are the future of motoring and the world as fossil fuels are getting depleted at an alarming rate. With that in mind, these cars are not just for those who are concern about pollution or global warming. Anyone can buy them and enjoy their ride. Discussed below are a few reasons why you should drive electric.


Electric wheels produce the same torque as their internal combustion engine counterparts. This means that when you purchase them, you should not worry about performance. And that is not all! Electric cars offer all their torque when you start driving and don’t have to rev up high live conventional vehicles to produce it. Additionally, electric models will give you a comfortable ride and better handling. And finally, you won’t have to worry about engine noise or vibration when driving electric.


hybrid carReliability

Unlike gasoline-powered transporters, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts. This means that you won’t have to bother much about maintenance and purchasing a few things that fail or mechanically wear out. For this reason, electric wheels are very reliable. Moreover, they come with regenerative brakes to prevent the brake pads or rotors from wearing out quickly. Plug in hybrids that come with an internal combustion engine has a lower maintenance requirement as the engine is not always used.


An electric vehicle will give you lots of convenience in the way that you drive and refuel. You will charge the automobile like a cellphone. Its sort of like having a gas pump in your home. When you charge your vehicle overnight, it will work on full batteries and ready to drive in the morning. The most exciting thing is that the charging can be done at a standard accessible power outlet that is present in almost all homes.

Cost Savings

Electric autos might cost you a fortune initially. However, they provide long term cost savings that vehicles with internal combustion engines can’t beat. If you don’t buy fuel constantly and take your car for maintenance, you will save lots of cash within a short time.

Global Security

A huge fraction of the worlds oil supply comes from unstable areas of the world. Our military has to spend billions of dollars every year to protect global oil supply routes. Apart from protecting the routes, a lot of the money also goes into fighting oil-related wars as well as terrorism in such areas. Electric vehicles reduce such threats making the world a better place to live.

Human Health

Apart from saving the plants, more electric cars on the road will better our health. Yes, you heard me right! Electric cars reduce air pollution y getting rid of the pollutants that come from internal combustion engines. The pollutants that come from petrol and diesel are linked to numerous life-threatening illnesses including cancer. Get an …